When Overgrowth was first announced, the game grabbed the attention of the gaming community with its impressively-detailed combat system that seemed to do just about everything right. The hitboxes were supremely accurate for a fighting game in allowing players to dodge (and die) in the most impressive ways imaginable. You could take on entire groups of rabbits (did we not mention you play as a rabbit?) and – infrequently – you might even survive! This, combined with the ability to equip deadly weapons, introduced combat that was uniquely quick; both the enemy and players suffered from the rabbit’s fragile nature in that simply being tripped or knocked down could result in a broken neck and an end to the battle.

As is often the case with indie games however, concerns were quickly raised over a lack of… well, anything else. There was no apparent goal to Overgrowth; it was seemingly nothing more than a (undeniably enjoyable) sandbox to fight in, leading many to suspect that the game would never make it beyond its very early alpha stages – and for a long time, you would’ve thought they were right. It’s been nine years since the announcement of Overgrowth back in 2008, and the game has more or less fallen out of the public’s memory.

That said, the developers are still hard at work, and the apparently-last beta of the game was just detailed in a recent trailer. Check it out:

In the developers’ own words, there’s simply too many details to list out in one video. He did, however, talk about some of the more noteworthy changes. Characters can now be impaled on sharp spikes, while cats can equip and hurl offhand daggers at the player. Rats, meanwhile, can be found wearing bits of shrubbery as camouflage (though its success on the player can vary), and both they and every other enemy will react “in a variety of different ways” upon winning a battle, like kneeling.

Overgrowth is available for $29.99 on Steam. For news regarding future updates or a release date, feel free to follow the developers over Twitter @Wolfire, or check out the official website. A full list of patch notes for this latest update can be read here.

After nearly nine years, Overgrowth has released its final beta version WolfireGames/YouTube
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