Attack on Titan was unique for an anime title in that it managed to reach over from its original demographic into a wider, more western audience. It’s still an anime of course, with all the dramatic deliveries and tropes characteristic to that genre, but for the most part the series did its job in providing an unusually dark, thrilling story that was as captivating as it was often hopeless. It also helped that the show was and still is available for viewing on Netflix, which has always served as an excellent way of introducing new content to an incredibly wide range of consumers.

Eventually, Attack on Titan would arrive in video game format as an action adventure game for consoles and PC, and, despite the usually rocky transition from television to gaming, the title actually did pretty well. It must have, anyway, for the development studio to announce a sequel. Check out the trailer for Attack on Titan 2 below (Warning: Spoilers for Season 2):

From the above footage, it’s clear that the game will be closely following the events that took place in Attack on Titan’s second season. It’s actually kind of a peculiar decision; the first game succeeded partially because it had 25 episodes worth of material to work with, while season 2 only spans 12 episodes. How the studio intends to stretch them out into a full game is up in the air, though there’s certainly hope there. Season 2, while certainly short, was nevertheless packed full of action.

Attack on Titan 2 is being developed by Omega Force, a Japanese studio behind both the first title and popular Dynasty Warriors series. Though not exactly known for innovation (the latter series has seen depressingly little of that), the YouTube description does offer some hope.

“Building on the fast-paced action the series is famous for, and featuring an abundance of new gameplay mechanics, the gripping sequel will be released across America as ATTACK ON TITAN 2 in Early 2018. Players will once again don the renowned Omni-directional Maneuver Gear as they fight and repel the fearsome Titans that threaten humanity, to restore peace within the walls.”

There’s also a following promise that more information about the game’s release date, platforms, and narrative will be unveiled later down the line, so be sure to keep up with the developers over Twitter and on their website to hear more.

Attack on Titan 2 game announced, will cover entirety of Season 2 KOEI TECMO AMERICA/YouTube
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