For some video games, story takes a background; there’s a focus on action, on entertaining gameplay and challenging mechanics, and the why of the experience is less important. As the industry has evolved however, newer, more narrative-driven games have risen in popularity. It’s a common sight for titles like What Remains of Edith Finch to steal the spotlight for weeks at a time, despite an emphasis on dialogue and world-building over actual gameplay.

One of the most well-known developers of the narrative genre, Telltale Games, just revealed a wealth of information about new seasons for three of the studio’s flagship titles. Check out the Summer Update video below:

Though Telltale arguably left the best for last in the reveal, there’s still quite a lot to be excited about. The return of the caped crusader in Batman: The Enemy Within is certainly something to look forward to; despite some severe technical problems that plagued the game on its release, the first Batman series received high praise for its portrayal of the world of Gotham, and the reveal that the next will delve into Wayne Sr.’s apparently-shady past is very promising.

The second two titles are similarly interesting. The Walking Dead will always turn heads, either for its connection to the immensely popular AMC television series or because of the highly successful first installment, which reduced many a player to embarrassing tears with its emotionally-devastating finale. Season 4 is also said to be Clementine’s final hurrah, ending the 5-year-series for good – though how that will end for everyone’s favorite youngster is anyone’s guess.

Via Telltale’s Website

The most significant reveal is that of The Wolf Among Us: Season 2 – introduced by the voice actor of Bigby Wolf himself, Adam Harrington. It’s been two years since the first season aired; two years since the curtains fell on the adventures of the Fables comic book characters, and if Harrington’s comments are of any indication, players have waited long enough.

Batman: The Evil Within will launch on August 8. The Walking Dead: The Final Season and The Wolf Among Us: Season 2 have been given considerably more vague release dates, slating the two titles for a launch sometime in 2018.

For more information about the above titles, or about any of Telltale’s other projects, tune in to the studio’s blog and Twitter account.

Telltale reveals new seasons of Batman, The Walking Dead, and The Wolf Among Us in summer update
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