BioWare’s latest big project, Anthem, was revealed back in June during the E3 conferences, and while there’s been scant news since the original announcement, we haven’t quite forgotten about the upcoming title. To many, Anthem is seen as BioWare’s answer to the first-person shooter, MMO market – a market that has previously been dominated wholly by the Destiny franchise, the second installment of which will be launching in late October. From early media trailers, Anthem is already following similar design philosophies to Destiny; the setting is a sci-fi, alien world, and the gameplay (so far) is entirely of a player-versus-environment (PvE) nature.

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Unfortunately for those excited by the E3 trailers, Anthem isn’t due until sometime in 2018, which means we’ve got a long wait ahead before anymore content begins surfacing. Luckily, players won’t have to wait until the official release before getting their first crack at the game; a recent Tweet by Bioware Game Director Jonathan Warner revealed that Anthem is indeed going to have a beta event.

Few details were otherwise revealed, with Warner’s follow-up responses to enthusiastic replies amounting to little more than “…we are still a distance out. Too soon for details but will provide more when the time is right.”

For any future news regarding the upcoming RPG, stay tuned to our Anthem column, or subscribe to BioWare’s newsletter on the studio’s official website – and if you missed out on the announcement during E3, feel free to check out the below gameplay trailer, which showcases nearly 7 minutes of in-game footage:

BioWare confirms, beta event planned for Anthem action-RPG Anthem Game/YouTube
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