The developers of Overwatch have announced the arrival of a number of commemorative cosmetic rewards to celebrate the game’s one-year anniversary.

Despite an oddly tranquil opening, the video in the above Tweet kicks off the event with an excited delivery in announcing an entire batch of new content for Overwatch.

First on the list are three new maps for the game’s 1v1 and 3v3 arena game modes:


“Ana Amari has made Necropolis her personal hideout – and an impromptu field base where she can keep an eye on things.

Head to Ana’s preferred vantage point at the top of the ruins, and use the high ground (and the element of surprise) against the enemy team. Or walk the stone corridors below, and take the fight to them directly – just watch out for pits!”

Black Forest

“Castillo is an old fort looking out over Dorado’s bay. It’s the location of Calaveras, a bar frequented by questionable patrons; a graffitied Los Muertos hangout; and Sombra’s hacking den.

Test your skills against the enemy team through Castillo’s multiple levels, and use its winding stairs for cover and strategic advantage.”

Via YouTube


“On the outskirts of Eichenwalde, the misty Black Forest map wraps around a long-overlooked battlefield dotted with the wreckage of Bastion units.

Flank your opponents on pathways between the castle and woods, and use the wooden balconies to move between the second stories of houses throughout the forest.”

via YouTube

Alongside these maps Blizzard has also released a number of new Legendary skins for 11 of Overwatch’s heroes. You can check out a few of them below:


In addition to the above skins are over 100 other items available through the game’s loot boxes (including some very fancy dance emotes). Those interested in collecting them all though will have to hurry – the event only lasts from today until June 12.

Visit Blizzard’s official anniversary page for more information about all of the new maps and items, or follow their Twitter to receive news about any future updates.

Blizzard kicks off its one-year anniversary for Overwatch with a fresh batch of new content PlayOverwatch/Twitter
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