Despite an initially rocky start back when the software first released in the early 2000s, the Steam distribution platform has risen dramatically to become one of the most popular programs for PC gamers. With nearly 10,000 games available through the service and a consistently user-friendly interface, Valve’s retailing service has eclipsed the company’s other ventures to the point that no new games have been developed by Valve in nearly four years – although, most of the credit can likely be attributed to Steam sales.

Every few months, Valve will launch a huge, holiday-themed sale over Steam that grants significant discounts off of its catalogue. Sales can grant anywhere from 10% off of the latest triple-A title to 95% off of collection packages containing a dozen games one studio. When combined with the addition of awardable badges and account cosmetics for big spenders, these sales have catapulted Steam into stardom – and now, we know when the next big sale is on its way.

According to an article from video game media outlet Kotaku, the next three Steam sales are projected to start at the following dates:

Halloween Sale: October 26th – November 1st.

Autumn Sale: November 22nd – November 28th.

Winter Sale: December 21st – January 4th

Be sure to keep up with Valve over Twitter @steam_games for news about these promotions, as well as for future updates related to the Steam service. For more information about the platform itself, check out the official website, where the latest and greatest PC titles are available for purchase.

The dates for the next three Steam Sales have been leaked weeks in advance Steam/Valve Corporation
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