Developer video discusses the changes of Wolfenstein 2's protagonist, William "BJ" Blazkowicz

William J. Blazkowicz has never once wavered in his mission.

"Beaten, bloodied, physically broken - but forever unbowed." These are the words used to describe the Wolfenstein series' protagonist William "BJ" Blazkowicz, and they couldn't be more accurate. Despite suffering numerous defeats, countless wounds dealt from a hundred different weapons, and being reduced to a vegetative state following close proximity to an explosion twice, our hero has never once wavered from his passion - killing Nazis.

In a recent video from Bethesda Softworks, the developers described some of the changes that BJ has undergone since the explosive finale to Wolfenstein: The New Order. Or rather, the lack thereof. Check it out:

It's clear that not much has changed with Blazkowicz since his close call at the climax of The New Order. It's almost become a trope at this point for BJ, by sheer force of will (and love for his former caretaker and current girlfriend Anya), to summon enough strength to power through crippling injuries and immediately start killing the closest possible enemy.

"Even though BJ is severely injured, you never break him mentally. You're BJ. You get into a wheelchair and you start killing Nazis."

Though his personality has clearly undergone few changes, BJ's definitely at a low point at the beginning of The New Colossus. He's unable to use his legs, either from general stiffness or paralysis, and as a result is forced to adopt the nearest form of transportation - and to great effect.

Blazkowicz doing what he does best, no matter the circumstances. Via

The clip of BJ navigating the confines of an underground bunker while resolutely gunning down Nazis has become almost famous at this point; it's appeared in every single trailer so far, and not without good reason. The scene perfectly encapsulates Blazkowicz's signature tenacity, as well as the often-ludicrous gameplay mechanics that the Wolfenstein series so willingly serves up to its players.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is set to release on October 27, 2017 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Keep up to date with future videos from Bethesda by visiting the studio's website, or by following the official Wolfenstein Twitter account.