Bethesda has announced that its award-winning RPG Fallout 4 will be free to download and play from May 25 to 28 for Steam and Xbox Live Gold users.

To go along with the free weekend, Fallout 4 will be going on sale over the Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox stores, with discounts of up to 67% off. Check out the announcement video below:

Though critically-acclaimed, receptions to Fallout 4 were rather mixed among the franchise’s hardcore fan base. Many found that the installment had been streamlined to a fault; while the gunplay had been significantly improved, the clever dialogue and impressive narrative iconic to the Fallout series had been severely cut back.

Despite these faults, Fallout 4 generated over $750 million in revenue for Bethesda in the first week alone, breaking records and leaving competing franchises in the dust.

Visit the game’s official website for more information about the free weekend, subsequent sale, and any upcoming content, or check it out over Steam for prices and player reviews.

Fallout 4 to go free-to-play during this weekend over Steam and Xbox One
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