Final Fantasy XV hit the news once again recently when Square Enix announced that the game, while previously exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, would be arriving on the PC in early 2018 – more than a year after it launched on consoles. The game will include new, high-resolution options compatible with 4K resolution monitors, as well all of the game’s bonus content included from previous free and paid updates from the Season Pass and – similarly to Rockstar’s move with the Grand Theft Auto V PC port in 2015 – a brand new first-person mode.

Following this popular announcement came the news that Final Fantasy XV would be introducing a new, online multiplayer mode in which players could join with their friends for a cooperative adventure. The expansion, simply titled “Comrades,” introduces a new campaign following the 13th chapter of the game and will be available both as part of the Season Pass and as a separate purchase – though pricing has yet to be announced for this latter option.

A new trailer for Final Fantasy XV: Comrades was released yesterday during the Tokyo Games Show. Check it out:

In addition to being able to play online with your friends, players will also have access to a variety of new features, including an impressive character creator that allows players to alter – among all the other standard customization options – their gender in the game, a first for the previously male-only campaign. Other options include hairstyles, costumes (Chocobo, anybody?), and various facial and body features.

The full version of Comrades will allow up to four players and is due on October 31 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Final Fantasy XV arrives on PC sometime in 2018 and will likely include the game mode, as well as all of the aforementioned features and content.

Final Fantasy XV is getting multiplayer this October
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