Follow-up trailers for Gwent reveal faction mechanics and gameplay

Earlier this week the first trailer for the official Witcher card game, Gwent,  was released over YouTube. The trailer revealed some very promising details about the game, including some gameplay features and the inclusion of a single-player campaign, and as a follow-up CD Projekt Red have since uploaded a number of new bonus trailers.

Each covers one of Gwent’s five unique factions: the Monsters, Northern Realms, Skellige Islands, Scoia’tael, and Nilfgaardians of the Witcher world. Check out the trailers below:

Overall there’s not a whole lot to go into detail about. The voice acting at least is in keeping with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in that it’s really superb. Nothing sets the atmosphere for a fantasy game more than having a variety of factions each with their own, unique dialects and accents, and CD Projekt Red has never skipped out in that area.

Other details stand out though. Different mechanics for each faction sets them apart in their own special ways. Skellige warriors can be revived, for example, while Monsters are capable of multiplying through their breeding ability. Though, as those who have commented from Gwent’s beta access events have already pointed out, many of these systems have already undergone changes since their initial unveiling.

Those interested in trying out the game over it’s public beta event can find more information by following CD Project Red’s official Gwent Twitter account, or by visiting the studio’s website.

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