When Ubisoft first released its hack-and-slash game For Honor earlier this year, the studio was praised for developing what-seemed-like one of the most promising medieval fighting games ever. The combat, thanks to the innovative “Art of Battle” system, provided an in-depth method to squaring off against singular opponents, and with a promise of more content on its way, For Honor had the potential to redefine the medieval genre for the better.

Unfortunately, this potential was never realized. For Honor was plagued by numerous balance issues on launch that, coupled with frequent connection problems, dissuaded many players from sticking around for very long.

According to an announcement over Ubisoft’s Twitter however, these problems may soon be addressed.

An additional Tweet in response to the former from the For Honor account made reading the blog post unnecessary; dedicated servers are finally be coming to the game.

For those unfamiliar with how games usually handle multiplayer: Matches are typically hosted either locally, by the player hosting the game, or through “peer-to-peer” connections. These methods are only ideal in an environment in which all players have the greatest internet connections available, and as a result, they tend to suffer due to the natural fluctuations the average connection undergoes. Dedicated servers, while costly for the developer to maintain, usually reduce these issues by functioning as a consistent host.

Via Ubisoft’s blog.

The full roadmap pictured above was made available on Ubisoft’s blog and details all of the planned content coming in For Honor’s next season. In August, players will receive two new heroes and maps, as well as access to the beta of a new duel tournament mode. The reputation cap will be raised, a new “legendary” rarity type for armor and weapons will be made available, and a variety of emotes, executions, outfits, and ornaments will be released.

Later, between November and February of next year, For Honor will also see the arrival of a new 4v4 PvP game mode, a training area, and another two heroes and maps. This is in addition to the standard balance and system updates that typically accompany such major patches.

For more information about For Honor’s upcoming content, check out Ubisoft’s official blog, or follow the developers on Twitter to receive immediate updates about any of the studio’s products.

Developers reveal dedicated servers and more coming to For Honor
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