G2 signs surprising new division for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Esports team G2 recently announced the creation of Spanish division 'G2 Vodafone' for popular first-person competitive shooter CS:GO.

This reveal marks the latest in a series of Spanish offshoot teams and is hopefully indicative of a greater Spanish competitive esports scene overall.

The team, sponsored by British telecommunications company Vodafone, has already unveiled an impressive roster that consists of former Team KELOKEE, who were absorbed into G2's new line-up. The players areAaron 'Nmt' Awad, Carlos 'peelk' Barrio, Marcos 'AER0Z' González, Alfredo 'enanoks' Álvarez, and Rajohn 'EasTor' Gregory.

G2 Vodafone had their first break-out match in the upcoming Spanish CS:GO League, where they competed for over a $40,000 prize. Although this team is unlikely to affect the current French roster, it does hint at a more enthusiastic push for global esports events across different nations.