For all the growing pains the first title in the modern Battlefront series went through, you’d think the developers had actually learned from their mistakes – and you’d be right. It’s impossible to say for certain yet if Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is, say, game-of-the-year material, but… well, see for yourself:

As is the norm with these kinds of reveals, the first thing to stand out is the graphics. Battlefront 2 looks absolutely gorgeous, and that’s not just because it’s been developed in the Frostbite Engine. The city of Theed is full of color; there’s wonderfully bright hues of red and green mixed in with the formerly dull tannish buildings that, despite the probable lack of civilians, makes the entire setting look full of life in a way that George Lucas never could.

Maybe it’s just because it’s Theed – which, while beautiful, largely escaped unscathed in the films – but the entire trailer is incredibly satisfying to watch. Whether it’s Darth Maul effortlessly slashing his way through waves of clonetroopers or the sight of a droid transport ship destroying one of Theed’s architectural wonders, there’s something for everyone (if you’re a Star Wars fan, anyway).

Destruction porn aside, there was also quite a lot of additional gameplay shown today at E3. Check out the full video below to get your own impressions:

For more information about Star Wars: Battlefront 2, visit the official website for the game, or follow the developers on Twitter to receive immediate updates.

Gameplay for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 has finally been revealed – and it looks impressive EA Star Wars/YouTube
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