German esports team "Mousesports" adds new player to roster


Mousesports, or "Mouz," as they're often referred to, has accepted  Estonian esports player Robin "Ropz" Kool as a member of their competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team.

Kool will be filling the vacancy left by Timo "Spiidi" Judge, who will be taking time off from the team and competitive esports in general. Despite this, Judge has assured his supporters that he will be continuing to stream the game over his channel, where he will soon be following a regular broadcast schedule.

Kool has released this statement:

"Today marks the day I start my pro career which I am extremely excited for. I'm really happy to start this journey with mousesports, one of the best international CS:GO teams out there currently. I am very motivated to work hard and prove myself to everyone out there. We as a team are determined to become a top contender and do our best. #vamouz."

Cengiz Tüylü, the CEO of Mousesports, said in a similar declaration:


"Ropz is one of the biggest talents out there and we had great success nurturing upcoming young players in the past. I am con?dent that he will be a great addition to the team and develop into an important role for mousesports. On the other hand i am really sad that Spiidi will move out of the lineup. Timo is a great person and player, unfortunately he lost some of his motivation to play in the past months and decided to take a step back."

Mousesports, who scored a 2-0 victory over Team EnVyUs last night, will be competing with G2 Esports in just a few hours. You can view a livestream of the match over the ESL Pro League YouTube channel, or on their official website.