New patch for Ghost Recon Wildlands introduces higher difficulty mode

These are interesting updates.

According to an announcement over the studio's blog, Ubisoft will soon be launching a free update for Ghost Recon Wildlands that provides a new difficulty level and season two of the game's Live Season Challenges. Check out the trailer below:

Though free content is almost always a plus for any game, there's definitely something familiar about the way the new Tier system is described.

"The idea behind the Tier system is to allow our strongest players to go beyond what the game currently offers in terms of challenge. When you reach level 30, which is the max level of the game, you will have the opportunity to activate Tier One. If you choose to do so, the experience you earn in-game allows you to move up in rank.

Every time you move up a tier, the game becomes more difficult. Enemies become more alert, harder to take down, and deadlier than ever."

From the sounds of it, the system will act as Wildlands' own prestige system, which itself is a common mechanic in many games that usually provides some similar reward for leveling up; whether it be increased difficulty, a fancy character portrait, or some type of cosmetic flair, the idea of "restarting" a player's rank is a common incentive in encouraging activity from a community's veteran players.

Ranking up in Tier will also provide new weapon modifications by using in-game resources. There will be 50 tiers in total as well, meaning that even the most dedicated players in Ghost Recon Wildlands will have to sink in quite the amount of time into the game in order to obtain the highest possible rank.

While not all players will want to bump up the difficulty even higher, the option will be available for those seeking a greater challenge. The update will also release with an "eradication of bugs" that have plagued Wildlands since launch, including an issue with missing follower icons on the minimap and enemies being alerted by silent weapons.

For more information about the update, check out the blog post on Ubisoft's official website, or visit Ghost Recon Wildlands' website to find a more detailed list of patch notes.