As the launch date for Total War: Warhammer 2 grows ever closer, the developers continue to release regular media content showcasing the game’s features – and there’s a lot to show off. While it’s still a Total War game at heart, it’s clear that Creative Assembly team has poured their hearts into the series’ upcoming installment, providing a variety of new mechanics and features for players to enjoy.

In the studio’s latest gameplay video, we get an opportunity to see the High Elf faction in faction – only this time, they’re in the player’s control. Check it out:

There’s a lot to take away from the video for sure. CA seems to have really nailed the arrogant demeanor for which the High Elves are so well known; they walk with a distinct swagger, as if even marching to confront their sworn enemies, the Lizardmen, is wholly beneath them. Their animations aren’t the only thing in keeping with the High Elves’ lore, either. Each unit is imbued with distinct, vibrant colors that contrast sharply with the muddy brown and green cloaks of their Wood Elf neighbors. There’s a level of nobility so strong that it almost stinks.

…and speaking of the Wood Elves, any concerns that the High Elf faction would too closely follow their unit designs can be safely refunded; while the residents of Athel Loren favor light troops supported by powerful ranged archers, the highborn elves of Lustria differ with a love of magic. Twice the narrator shows off Tyrion’s capability as a wizard by first summoning a fiery phoenix from the sky to dive into the enemy’s ranks, leaving a blazing trail in its wake. Not long later he summons a massive tempest over a particularly large cluster of lizardmen, dealing severe damage that, the narrator notes, would even more severely harm flying units.

There’s also an obvious attention to detail when it comes to the combatant’s animations. One of the strongest appeals of the Total War series has always been the ability to move your camera into the fray and observe all the many small battles going on in a large-scale conflict, and it’s clear that the developers are aware of this. At one point, a pteranodon grabs hold of an elf and takes flight high into the air before dropping the hapless warrior back amongst his allies in a manner that is as entertaining as it is grim.

Eventually Mazdamundi’s retreat signals an end to the battle as he flees from the fray, pursued doggedly by a phoenix and the lethal projectiles of the High Elves’ sole artillery unit. As the narrator himself reminds us, you can subscribe to the Total War YouTube channel to receive immediate updates about any future media releases, or follow Creative Assembly on Twitter for similar postings about the game’s progress.

New footage shows off the High Elves of Total War: Warhammer 2 thecreativeassembly/YouTube
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