Games Done Quick (GDQ) is a traditionally semiannual marathon streaming event in which broadcasters seek to complete video games as quickly as possible while providing interesting bits of trivia and commentary while they play. I say traditionally because the organization broke from its standard Awesome and Summer events to run a sudden Hurricane Harvey relief stream this past weekend. The event would go on to raise $227,876.33 for those residents devastated by the hurricane in only a few days.

The stream featured a wide variety of speedrunning celebrities from former events, many of whom broadcasted from the comfort of their own homes to contribute to the charity stream. You can find the full recording available to watch over the GDQ Twitch channel.

The last donation of the stream. Source

All donations from the event were submitted directly to the Houston Food Bank which, as one of the hosts reminded us near the end, dealt not only with those in need in Houston but also in the nearby regions as well.

Despite only having a couple of days to prepare, Games Done Quick managed to run the Hurricane Harvey relief stream for the duration of the weekend, raising over $50,000 in the first day alone. Donations will still be accepted until this Friday via a submission page on the GDQ website.

The next Games Done Quick event is scheduled to run between January 7-14 of 2018, and will take place in Herndon, Virginia. Donations for the Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) stream will go to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. You can find more information about the organization on its official website.

Impromptu Games Done Quick charity stream raises over $227k for Hurricane Harvey
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