In an announcement made over the studio’s website, Tripwire Interactive has revealed that its flagship franchise, Killing Floor, will be bringing its latest installment to the Xbox One this Summer.

Killing Floor 2 originally launched in November of 2016 as a cooperative horde-shooter game. Similarly to the series’ first title, KF2 can be played alone or cooperatively with up to 5 friends. The game features the traditional horde-fighting style of gameplay in which players can face a maximum of 10 waves of increasingly more numerous and difficult monsters of varying types and sizes. When it initially released in early access in 2015, Killing Floor 2 allowed players to pick from one of four classes or “perks” to play as. Today, there are 10 options.

Though certainly appealing mechanics on their own, the real strength of Killing Floor 2 was in its ridiculously detailed gore system. Upon striking an enemy, players could seamlessly disfigure the creature’s body in a variety of ways. This extended beyond traditional decapitation and limb-removal; chunks of the game’s zombies would fall away in a morbidly satisfying manner that made the base gameplay both entertaining and uniquely disgusting.

The Freezethrower sprays an angered Fleshpound with liquid nitrogen. Via Tripwire’s website.

According to the above announcement, the Xbox One will receive “exclusive content and mixer support” in the form of the Freezethrower (which is exactly what it sounds like) and the Wastelander cosmetic outfit. This content will become available on the PlayStation 4 and PC at a later, as-of-yet unspecified date.

Additional content in the Xbox One’s version will be the bulk of the game’s DLC, including The Tropical Bash, The Descent, and The Summer Slideshow. For the full announcement, check out the post on Tripwire’s official website.

Killing Floor 2 is set to release on the Xbox One on August 29 at $39.99. The title will also be compatible with the Xbox One X when it releases.

Killing Floor 2 is coming soon to the Xbox One
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