LawBreakers launches another free weekend, on sale at 50% off

The event lasts until Sunday and provides full access to the game for PC players.

First-person shooter LawBreakers launched in early August, and despite some pretty hefty competition the game managed to secure a fairly positive reception. Unfortunately, slow match queue times and frequent server issues caused the game's moderate popularity to fall drastically; according to Steam Charts, LawBreakers enjoyed a whopping average player count of only 45.9 in the last month, signaling a heavy decline and a possible shutdown of the game's servers - or so it would seem.

While the last free weekend for LawBreakers only generated about 1,000 active players, the developers over at Boss Key Productions have been unwilling to give up. The studio recently announced yet another trial period coming up. Starting tomorrow, players will be able to download and play LawBreakers completely free for the duration of the weekend.

If the above link is giving you trouble (which it seems to be doing), then don't worry - we've covered the details. The free weekend is only available for PC players and will run from Thursday, November 9 at 1:00 pm EST until Sunday, November 12 at 4:00 pm EST. According to the full post, this includes access to the most recent version of LawBreakers, which includes a Guided Tutorial, Ranked Mode Boss Leagues, "and much more!"

Coupled with the event will also be a 50% discount off the game. Starting today at 1:00 pm EST and lasting until Tuesday, November 14 at the same time, Steam users will be able to purchase LawBreakers at only $14.99 (down from $29.99). PlayStation 4 owners, meanwhile, have had access to the same deal since 11:00 am EST yesterday, though it's scheduled to conclude a couple of hours earlier than the Steam discount at 11:00 am EST on Tuesday.

Interested in giving the game a try? Click here to download and/or purchase the game over the Steam Store page, or visit the PlayStation 4 store to buy it for your console.