Mafia III, for all the popularity of the franchise, didn’t have the greatest reception upon release. It was actually pretty terrible; reviewers panned the game for its repetitive missions and uninspired, outdated gameplay, and while patches would eventually resolve many of Mafia III’s technical issues, the impression stuck.

Despite this less-than-stellar reception, Mafia III managed to majorly outperform its predecessor in sales; the title saw a 58.7% increase in revenue in its opening week, coming in second place only to FIFA 17.

It’s not hard to wonder then why the developers at Hangar 13 were quick to release additional DLC for the title. The third, called “Sign of the Times,” will be releasing on July 25. Check it out:

In this expansion, Lincoln will be delving into the scene of a fanatic and dangerous cult. According to the developer’s commentary, gameplay won’t be focused on shooting alone; there’ll be situations where investigation is necessary.

“By eyeballing the environment and using a blacklight flashlight to uncover hints, you’ll zero in on where The Ensanglante operate and what the hell their endgame is for New Bordeaux.”

“The Ensanglante” refers to the cult itself, which the developers introduce as a “brutal Manson-esque counter-culture cult,” will pull the protagonist into a “deranged world of drugs and violence resting just beneath the surface.” The DLC will include a surplus of disturbing scenarios, including human sacrifice, blood drinking, and other, equally unsettling depictions of violence.

The rest of the video briefly summarizes the narrative of Sign of the Times, which will evidently drive Lincoln to the point of madness as he’s “tested in ways unlike ever before.” Mafia III’s many critics rarely failed to praise the writing, which was often deemed impressive – if not strong enough to salvage the otherwise disappointing title.

Mafia III is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC for $39.99. Though a price hasn’t been officially announced for Sign of the Times, previous expansions have measured out to $14.99, and there’s no reason to think the latest won’t follow suit.

Mafia 3’s upcoming DLC, “Sign of the Times” now has a release date
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