Minor update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive removes exploit


In a small, 90 MB update that rolled out yesterday afternoon, Valve has provided a number of small fixes and tweaks for competitive shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

On their official patch notes, the developers have made vague mention of a serious of "exploits related to packet loss" that have been removed. This almost certainly refers to the bug related to CS:GO's bomb defusal/planting mechanic, which allowed players to instantly plant or defuse it, rather than waiting several vulnerable seconds.

Another change was the unification of deploy times for all available knives, meaning that it now takes exactly 1 second to equip each one. Earlier discrepancies resulted in a .2 second variation, and while that sounds like an extremely minor problem, there were undoubtedly at least a few occasions where this variation cost players a round. The full video explaining the issue is available below.


Other changes include a host of slight map alterations that added and removed miscellaneous objects such as a lamp and two picnic chairs. An image album of the changes, provided by Reddit user lilBernier, can be viewed here.

For a full analysis, feel free to check out the patch notes on Valve's official post.