Monster Hunter World was one of the most exciting announcements from E3 this year. The series, already immensely popular, has only ever had a handful of console releases in the past, and only one of them even released in the West at all. So when World was unveiled at Sony’s press conference, fans of the franchise caught their breath. You can check out the reveal from earlier this week below:

As promising as Monster Hunter World looks, there was a bit of negative reception from a small minority of players who claimed that the title had deviated too much from the series. Others claimed that it was simply a choice on behalf of the presenters, who wished to show off newer gameplay elements.

Recent leaked footage seems to have confirmed this secondary point. Monster Hunter World looks like an innovative new installment that has managed to stay true to the base gameplay of its predecessors. The leak, though incredibly poor quality due to being recorded from someone’s cell phone, shows off multiple bosses as they fight both the player and each other.

Monster Hunter World will release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in early 2018. For more information, you can follow Capcom’s official Monster Hunter Twitter account to receive immediate updates and news related to the series.

Gameplay of Monster Hunter World has been leaked MKIceAndFire/YouTube
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