As is the usual trend with Nintendo consoles, the biggest factor impeding people from buying them outright is the lack of titles. The Nintendo Switch launched with only 12 games available, and while the newest Zelda for some is worth the $300 purchase, not everyone shares this enthusiasm. In an effort to combat this general feeling of apathy towards their newest brand, Nintendo has been rapidly releasing a number of first and third-party titles for the Switch.

According to Capcom’s official website, the latest in this campaign will be Monster Hunter XX.

Monster Hunter XX originally released as an expansion of the Monster Hunter X game in Japan earlier this year, which itself launched in Western countries under the name Monster Hunter Generations.

Though not that well-known in the U.S., the Monster Hunter franchise is an exceedingly popular series in Japan, where it frequently rivals Pokémon in popularity. The IP has nevertheless formed its own fan base in the West as well, where players have taken to Monster Hunter for its stellar boss fights and wide variety of weapons and armor to unlock and experiment with.

So far there hasn’t been a release date announced for the Switch’s version of Monster Hunter XX in either Japan or the West. We’ll keep you updated should either be revealed.

Until then, follow Capcom’s official Twitter account for the game to receive any future updates, and stay tuned.

Monster Hunter XX is coming to the Nintendo Switch
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