In the game industry, the words Far Cry are practically synonymous with exotic, jungle environments. So when a teaser released this morning that confirmed rumors of a more localized, rural setting, fans were justifiably surprised. Take a look:

For those who can’t view it, the trailer depicts a beautiful shot of the northern American wilderness. Then, slowly, a body drifts into view, floating face down in the river. A man is seen running erratically through a picturesque field before a gunshot sounds, and then the viewer is delivered a handsome shot of a lone church in a wide rural landscape with the faint sound of the national anthem playing. The bell tolls, and as the camera moves forward we see that it’s in fact a man’s face producing the sound as he is repeatedly slammed into it by an armed figure. The words “Welcome to Hope County, Montana,” appear, and then we know: Far Cry has come to the U.S.

On a deeper level, the trailer carries with it a sinister vibe. The serene shots of a seemingly placid landscape are repeatedly broken up by acts of violence before the camera cuts away, as if in fear of disturbing the setting. The entry of a religious symbol coupled with the presence of armed men willfully committing brutal acts suggests that the antagonists of this title will not be pirates or mercenaries, but the devout members of a cult.

While certainly promising, the setting of Far Cry 5 raises a number of questions. In former installments the threats have come as much from the environment as from human enemies. The player would frequently find themselves assailed by vicious animals as they struggled to overcome debilitating natural obstacles. It does lead one to wonder at what kind of beasts will the player have to fend off in the fairly domestic setting of Montana.

It’s also up in the air whether or not this newest title will carry on in providing an open world for the player to explore. While this has always been a staple of the series, it has previously been limited by conveniently placed natural borders that prevented the protagonist from easily seeking outside rescue. The fact of the matter is that there are no oceans in Montana, which means the game will either have to make impressive usage of the Rocky Mountains, or ditch the feature altogether in favor of a more linear direction.

A full trailer for Far Cry 5 will release later this week on May 26 over Ubisoft’s official YouTube channel. For updates related to the Far Cry series or any of the studio’s other projects, follow them on their Twitter account, or visit Ubisoft’s website.

New Far Cry 5 teaser confirms a more local setting Ubisoft US/YouTube
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