Path of Exile (PoE) is one of those rare free-to-play titles that just works; there’s plentiful content to explore alongside other players, a deep, engaging progression system that’s so extensive it’s frequently intimidating, and a setting worthy of the genre – because PoE didn’t follow Diablo 3’s lackluster release for no reason, after all. When the latter disappointed players with its unwanted cash-shop and overzealous digital rights management (DRM), the developers of PoE were happy to provide an alternate option with a similar setting and gameplay – and none of the cons.

Today Path of Exile is one of most popular top-down hack-and-slack titles on the market, and it’s only getting better with age. A new expansion called The Fall of Oriath has been detailed in a trailer released over the studio’s YouTube channel. Take a look:

According to Grinding Gear Games’ website, the expansion will introduce six entirely new Acts to the PoE story, increasing the total sum to ten. Players will face numerous new enemies and challenges as they seek to topple the gods themselves and return the land of Oriath to peace.

Also included in the expansion is a new progression system. Appropriately-titled “Pantheons,” players will now have the option of improving their characters with minor buffs as a part of one large upgrade tree. These “grant defensive bonuses and can be swapped in town with no cost, allowing you to tailor your choices to the challenge you’re facing.”

A screenshot of the new Pantheon system via the Path of Exile website

As the largest expansion ever released for Path of Exile, it only makes sense for there to be more content than just some new regions to explore. In addition to the above, there will also be a collection of at least sixteen new skills (Credit to /u/Teonlight), a new water rendering engine, a plethora of new gems, and overall improvements to the game’s world environments, minimap, performance, “and much, much more!”

Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath is set to launch at 4:00 PM on Friday, August 4 for the PC. There’s currently no release date for the Xbox One yet, though addition details will likely be revealed quite soon. Impatient players eager to experience the expansion can access it early by purchasing a Supporter Pack through the game’s website.

For a full summary of all of The Fall of Oriath’s content, as well as access to a countdown to its release, check out the expansion’s information page.

New Path of Exile expansion will double the game’s original size
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