Bethesda's bringing DOOM and Wolfenstein II to the Nintendo Switch

If the Switch can handle these titles, then there's no telling what else is on its way.

The community's been abuzz lately with rumors about Bethesda's unannounced title, which had been going the rounds on Twitter due to a flurry of confirmations and denials on the legitimacy of the product. Now, it seems, the title's been revealed - and it's not quite what players were expecting.

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According to yesterday's Nintendo Direct, in which the studio revealed details on all of its upcoming products, both DOOM and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus are joining Skyrim among Bethesda's video games compatible for the Nintendo Switch. Check out the announcement below (25:45):

DOOM originally released in May of last year as a remake of the original title, which itself first became available in December of 1993 and defined much of the modern first-person shooter genre. Despite the titanic shoes it had to fill, 2016's DOOM received very high praise for its dedication to capturing the first game's brutal violence, as well as for its impressive soundtrack, good performance, and exceptional map and weapon designs. The only underwhelming aspect of the game was its multiplayer, which disappointed many critics during its beta and nearly sank DOOM before had a chance to show off its single-player.

Wolfenstein II, meanwhile, is scheduled to release on October 27, and as such hasn't had a chance to leave an impact on players yet. That said, reviewers who have had the chance to try the title at this year's Gamescom have reported fun new features such as the ability to duel wield two different kinds of weapons. The title's trailers have promised of a immersive and haunting story worthy of its predecessor; the Nazis won WWII, and Wolfenstein II takes the fight to the now-German-occupied America.

DOOM is set to release for the Nintendo Switch "this holiday," while Wolfenstein II has received a similarly-vague release date in 2018. If Skyrim - which will receive motion control support for combat, new gear and weapons, and outfits from The Legend of Zelda - is any indication, then both titles will probably receive a couple of new features as well to prepare them for the transition to the Switch.

Until then, it's worth keeping an eye on Bethesda's Twitter for any future updates regarding the two. You can also visit the publisher's website at for access to its blog, community forums, and information about any of its other titles.