It’s been a long time since the traditional archetype for video games fell away and developers began experimenting with unusual (and often very fun) styles. Gone are the days where players could expect to grab the nearest gun/sword/miscellaneous instrument and begin immediately wildly attacking any and all characters on their screen; today, video games can take place anywhere from the end of a surgery table to the confines of your own cubicle, with a myriad of engaging mechanics to keep us invested in the experience.

So, it wasn’t all that surprising when Overcooked, a game about managing a busy restaurant kitchen with your friends, rose to popularity. Today, the developers announced that the game would be coming to the Nintendo Switch later this week.

Though the gameplay certainly proved to be fun, much of Overcooked’s success came from the potential shenanigans of its multiplayer mode. Players could team up with three friends to cooperatively manage a kitchen together, and while it sounds like this could only make the game easier, it was often anything but.

Between haphazardly dodging each other as you maneuvered around the kitchen and trying to navigate an already-cluttered counter, players frequently proved to form their own, frustrating obstacles. This, when combined with the chaos of fending off hungry rats, leaping over drastically changing environments, and trying to meet the absurdly high expectations of the customers, resulted in a distinctly chaotic experience.

Overcooked: Special Edition will become available on the Nintendo Switch on July 27 for $19.99 and will include The Lost Morsel and Festive Seasoning DLC packs.

The Nintendo Switch is serving up another popular indie game Overcookedgame/Twitter
Jordan is an avid writer from Kennesaw, Georgia, where he's currently pursuing a Masters in Professional Writing. In his spare time he's also an amateur cook, gaming enthusiast, and blogger. Jordan graduated from Kennesaw State University in the Spring of 2017.
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