Official trailer for Monster Hunter XX confirms rumors of cross-console play CapcomChannel/YouTube

In an announcement over the studio’s Japanese YouTube channel, Capcom has officially released the first trailer for the Nintendo Switch’s version of Monster Hunter XX. Give it a look:

Though not up to par yet with graphical standards in similar franchises, it’s hard to deny that Monster Hunter XX is definitely looking pretty good for a 3DS port. The textures have been obviously smoothed out in some areas, and while still not exactly gorgeous on an aesthetic level, the game will very likely run at 60 frames-per-second as a result.

The biggest development announced so far however is that owners on either the Nintendo Switch or 3DS will not only be able to transfer their saves back and forth between the two – they’ll also be able to join other players across both consoles. This means that two people who own Monster Hunter XX on the two separate consoles will still be able to play it with each other.

The Nintendo Switch’s version of Monster Hunter XX will release in Japan on August 25, later this year.

For now there’s no official confirmation that the title will also launch in a properly translated format for the West; however, there’s been a fairly consistent 1-2 year delay between local and foreign releases in the past, so it’s likely far too early to say for sure.

Either way, the arrival of the Monster Hunter series on the Nintendo Switch is certain to boost the console’s already significant popularity in Japan, which will indirectly lead to other franchises eventually being ported over as well.

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