Outlast 2 released earlier this year amidst a storm of hype for the sequel to what many had considered the optimal horror game for its creepy atmosphere and engaging plot. Only, despite a promising premise, fans were critical of Outlast 2 for… being too difficult?

As it turns out, being forced to repeat the same segments over and over again due to unintuitive chase sequences does not make for a great horror game. Players quickly found themselves growing frustrated with the difficulty of Outlast 2, which, despite having an interesting story, seemed hell-bent on keeping them from ever reaching the end.

Luckily for fans of the franchise, the developers were quick to react to community complaints. In a recent Twitter announcement, Red Barrels revealed the arrival of a patch for Outlast 2 on PC, with a similar update coming out shortly for console players.

In a notification over Facebook, the developers explained the finer details of the patch, which, among a number of bug fixes, “introduces some minor adjustments to the game’s difficulty in key areas and moments.”

This is likely referring to sequences in Outlast 2 in which the player was chased through open environments without any clear indication of where to run. If they tried the wrong door or went down the wrong alley, they would be violently killed and forced to restart the segment. While dying is a natural part of most good games, repeat failures tend to break immersion which, in a horror game, is probably the last thing you want to do.

More details about the Outlast franchise and its developers can be found on the Red Barrels Twitter account, or on their official website. Otherwise, stay tuned for future updates.

Outlast 2 receives much-requested difficulty tweak in new patch Outlast 2/Red Barrels
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