OVERKILL Software couples Virtual Reality reveal with launch of Payday 2: Ultimate Edition

Ultimate Edition launches next month.

Despite a rather rocky relationship with the gaming community as a whole, OVERKILL Software has always managed to stay in the public eye. Whether it be from controversial updates for their games, bizarre film and franchise crossovers, and even YouTube celebrity collaborations - Payday 2 has successfully managed to remain a consistently hot topic several years after its release.

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Undoubtedly it's this dedication to staying relevant that prompted OVERKILL to announce what may be their last major update for Payday 2. In a recent message over their official Twitter account, the developers revealed that the game would be receiving Virtual Reality (VR) support. Check out the trailer below:

Although not always on good terms with their fans, there's been little excuse for anything but praise for this latest announcement. Since hitting the market, VR owners have had precious little content to actually enjoy with their expensive hardware, and what is available usually amounts to short demos or indie projects designed solely for showing off the tech. That a popular game like Payday 2 will be playable through VR is... actually really cool.

In addition to this reveal, OVERKILL has also announced the Payday 2: Ultimate Edition, which will merge (almost) all available downloadable content (DLC) into one affordable package. At only $45, players will for the first time be able to access the full Payday 2 experience without having to spend well over $200 on the game's numerous content expansions.

Leading up to the launch of the Ultimate Edition will also be a huge sale of 85% off all current DLC.

While some have questioned the motives behind this latest announcement, OVERKILL insists that their primary goal is to thank the community which has supported their studio for the past 4 years, though they admit that having over 40 optional additions for one game can be intimidating for new players.

"The first is to say Thank You to all our current players who have purchased the base game and any DLC by offering an opportunity to buy the remaining content for an all-time high discount of 85%. The second motive is to consolidate the store page and offer an easy way for new players to get into the game. As of now, if someone would purchase the base game and all DLC, said person will have to pay over 200 dollars and purchase around 40 products to get the ultimate PAYDAY 2 experience. We want to make that easier for new players at an affordable price."

The Payday 2: Ultimate Edition will launch on June 8th with an additional 10% off for a limited time. For future news about the Payday franchise and OVERKILL Software, check out their account on Twitter, or visit their official website for a full summary of this latest update.