If there’s one thing people associate with competitive video games, it’s thrilling, adrenaline-fueled sports games, sun-bathed multinationals exchanging banter, and inspiring displays of athleticism.

Ok, well, maybe that isn’t really the case – but in Overwatch’s latest update, all of that and more will be available once again in the game’s annual Summer Games event. Jeff Kaplan, the Vice President of Blizzard and lead spokesperson behind Overwatch’s community updates, details the event in a recent media release. Give it a look:

All in all, the event hasn’t really changed that much from last summer. Each of the Legendary skins from last year’s Summer Games will be available once again, only this time they’ll not only be purchasable through the in-game credit store – they’ll also come at a surprising discount that will bring the prices back down to a more reasonable cost consistent with other, default legendary skins.

Kaplan also made mention of a variety of new skins that will be available this year as well, including a special one for Junkrat and a skin for Mercy that Kaplan states is “one of [his] favorite skins of all time.” An additional comment said that fans of the Widowmaker and McCree heroes in particular would be “really blown away with what [the developers] deliver.”

It’s worth noting as well that these skins will be even easier to obtain this time; the developers have reduced the rate at which players can be awarded duplicate items from loot boxes, meaning that they’ll have higher chances of obtaining something new.

Heroes show off their Summer Event outfits. Via the Overwatch website.

For those less cosmetic-inclined players, Jeff Kaplan explained that Lucio-ball – a popular game mode from last year – would be making a return, this time with an additional map set in Sydney, Australia.

Citing feedback from the previous Summer Games, Kaplan described some of the changes that Lúcioball had undergone. Players will now no longer be able to enter the enemy team’s goal and harass the enemy goalie by “booping” or pushing him out of the way. Nor can they abuse Lúcio’s ultimate ability to pull the ball directly into the goal; instead, it will simply give Lúcio additional speed and momentum, as well as some extra kick to his secondary push ability.

There’s also a new competitive version of Lúcioball that will award players for competing in at least 10 matches with a unique spray. Those particularly-skilled players who manage to make it into the top 500 on the scoreboard will earn an additional spray commemorating their efforts.

Lúcio competes with other Lúcios in Lúcio-themed Lúcioball. Via the Overwatch website.

The Overwatch annual Summer Games event will return for 2017 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on August 8. For more information, follow the developers on Twitter, or visit the official Overwatch website for news about future developments.

Overwatch’s annual Summer Games event will soon begin
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