Wolfenstein: The New Order was one of those rare first-person shooters that provided a stunningly enjoyable single-player experience and nothing more. There was no rushed multiplayer game mode tacked on towards the very end of development, nor any kind of online scoreboard awkwardly infused with the campaign. It was fun, it was richly rewarding, and then it was over, and although the game’s expansion The Old Blood would come out a year later, there would be no hint of any kind of follow-up installments for the next couple of years.

Until now, at least. A user on the NeoGAF forums seems to have caught sight of the next title’s Amazon page before it was taken down. The page showed only a title: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.


Though it’s always wise to remain skeptical in cases like these, previous comments from Bethesda marketing executive Pete Hines leave little room for doubt. In one episode of the KindaFunny Gamescast he confirmed that the developers behind the first two Wolfenstein games were working on a new title, which as he stated “is … bananas.”

Fans of the franchise were quick to attribute the remark to the signature madness of the Wolfenstein series, which in its 2014 title sent players to fight Nazis on the Moon.

Either way, we’ll know for sure by the time Bethesda’s E3 conference rolls around. You can catch it tonight at midnight on the studio’s official channel, on the YouTube channel for E3.

Possible sequel to the hit Wolfenstein series leaked over Amazon
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