Rainbow Six: Siege to enter free weekend, discounted at up to 60% off

"Breach and clear."

Ubisoft's seventh big expansion for Rainbow Six: Siege is set to arrive on test servers next week, and to celebrate, the studio has announced a special free weekend for the game. Starting tomorrow, Siege will be free to download and play for the duration of the weekend over the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The event began on November 16 at 12:00 pm EST and will run until 3:00 pm EST on Sunday, November 19. Players interested in giving Siege a try can already preload it over the PS4 and PC, while Xbox One players will have to wait until tomorrow to download it. Access to every single map, mode, and Operator is included, so new players will have a chance to experience everything Siege has to offer.

If you do enjoy the game or have been looking for an excuse to buy it already, Ubisoft has also launched a sale coupled with the free weekend. Until November 20 (or 21, for the PS4), Rainbow Six: Siege will be on sale at 60% off for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and 50% off for the PC. For a look at each discount, check out the respective sale pages for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC after the event begins - and, yes, all progress from the free weekend does carry over after buying the full game.

As for the update itself - Operation White Noise's new map "Mok Myeok Tower" was previewed last week over a trailer on Ubisoft's YouTube channel. The location, set in an observatory tower in Seoul, South Korea, is described as a "marvel of futuristic construction" adorned with traditional Korean aesthetics; contemporary tea rooms and lounges make up the interior of the towering, terrorist-occupied building.

Additional details on White Noise are scheduled to be unveiled on Sunday during the Rainbow Six: Siege League Finals. For more information on that front, feel free to follow the developers over Twitter @Rainbow6Game.