Game development studio Respawn just released a number of screenshots and descriptions for Titanfall 2’s sixth batch of DLC. This new addition, called The War Games, will release for free later this month on Tuesday, June 27th.

The leading feature of the DLC will be a new map titled – you guessed it – “War Games.” Styled as a virtual reality training ground for new recruits, War Games comes across as a mix between TRON and Deus Ex; the environment seems to blend not-so-seamlessly between the two, as if caught in rendering limbo.

Other content in The War Games includes a new Live Fire Map, simply dubbed “Traffic,” which is described as “…a weather test site where pilot positioning is pitted against mobility across two busy thoroughfares.” From the screenshot we can see the clear differences between this map and the other; Traffic is a gritty underpass infested with old, abandoned vehicles and piles of scrap that contrasts sharply with the vibrant VR experience of War Games.

The War Games will also provide a new execution, a third weapon slot for pilots, a permanent return of the Titan Brawl game mode, a new feature mode called “Free Agents,” and a variety of updates and balance tweaks for Titanfall 2 in general.

You can read the full announcement on the official website for Titanfall 2. For future updates, follow Respawn’s Twitter account, where the developers regularly interact with their community and post new media content.

More information on Titanfall 2’s 6th DLC has been revealed Titanfall Official/YouTube
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