Rising Storm 2: Vietnam officially launches over virtual retailers

Tripwire’s next big title, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, has officially launched on Steam at a price of $29.99. Check out the trailer below:

The trailer, set to Iron Butterfly’s “In A Gadda Da Vida,” shows off much of what the game has to offer – that is, lots of violence shoot-outs set across a variety of urban and jungle maps.

Players familiar with the Rising Storm and Red Orchestra franchises however will understand that the true appeal is a lot more than what can be shown in a two-minute trailer. The true strength of the Rising Storm series is in the player’s dependence on a team. Bullets actually kill in one or two shots, and those who run off on their own to play the hero will meet short, brutal defeats at the hands of unseen enemy players. It’s only when anonymous members of the same team band together that victory is truly achievable.

The presence of 64-player-maps in Rising Storm 2 lifts this shooter up to the same level as the immensely popular Battlefield series. While certainly not on the same graphical level, players seeking a more authentic and vulnerable experience may want to give Tripwire’s newest title a shot.

Check out the title on its Steam store page for more information, or visit the development team’s website to get news related to Rising Storm 2: Vietnam directly from the source.

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