Sonic the Hedgehog, everyone’s favorite running rodent, has for reasons unknown been the subject of one of the most dedicated and perverse fandoms around. A very small subsect of players feel such an attachment to SEGA’s mascot that they have created their own fan-art, backstories, and characters that frequently depict Sonic in some… rather adult scenarios. It’s difficult to understand and really quite disturbing so I’ll do you the favor of not going any further into detail. Just know that one guy had to write the equivalent of a short novel in order to explain the sheer absurdity of the situation.

Either way, any misconception that SEGA might not be aware of Sonic’s peculiar following can be dashed now. According to an announcement made over the development team’s Twitter, players will for the first time ever be able to create their own characters in the upcoming title, Sonic Forces. Check out the trailer below.

All concerns about fanning the flames of fan-fiction aside, from a gameplay perspective there’s nothing really wrong with this development. Games have been including the option for player-made characters since the dawn of the industry. It’s a great way to increase the player’s investment in the story and generally helps them feel immersed in the setting.

That this would happen to be included in a series that is inundated with the results of a depraved fandom only speaks to the developer’s understanding of their fan base. Some might call it pandering, but at the end of the day we’re still playing as a faster-than-average hedgehog in sneakers. I mean, is this really where we draw the line?

Follow the Sonic development team’s official Twitter account to receive future updates and news regarding the Internet’s favorite hedgehog, or visit SEGA’s website for information about any of their other games.

SEGA to allow player-made characters for the first time ever in upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog title GameSpot/YouTube
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