It really seems that Sonic the Hedgehog just can’t catch a break. Almost every other title in the long series of Sonic games has been heavily marred by any number of issues, whether they be terrible game design choices, incomplete mechanics, or, well, everything. One prominent example of this phenomenon in practice would be the release of Sonic Mania – which enjoyed high praise from reviewers everywhere for its brilliant level design and charming soundtrack – and the recent launch of Sonic Forces, which… did not.

The actual quality of the game is fairly hard to discern, because almost every single comment on the Steam store page for Sonic Forces is dedicated to the game’s numerous technical issues. Players have reported severe graphical bugs and crashing problems that, for many, have prevented them from even making it past the main menu. The culmination of these complaints eventually resulted in the game reaching a “Mostly Negative” status within a few days of its launch.

All hope may not be lost for Sonic Forces, however; a recent update was released by the developers that, hopefully, will address these issues. The official post reads:

“Crash Fix

Forces PC Players – we’ve just released an update that should fix most crashes. Please restart your game to ensure it’s applied, and let us know if you run into any other issues!”

Post-patch players have reported as high as 60 frames-per-second and an otherwise lack of technical issues – though criticisms haven’t completely halted. Some have complained over Sonic Forces’ unusually short experience, which evidently only lasts a few short hours, while others have lambasted the game for a messy, convoluted story.

For a look at what players have been saying, feel free check out the full review page on Steam. Future updates regarding the Sonic franchise can be found by following the official SEGA Twitter account @SEGA, where regular announcements are regularly made about the publisher’s many products.

Sonic Forces team addresses widespread crashing in new patch SEGA/YouTube
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