Star Wars: Battlefront 2 undergoes changes to loot crates following Beta backlash

Balance updates and backpedaling galore.

The open beta for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 concluded earlier this month, and unfortunately for the previously hyped game, the event ended in a shroud of controversy. Players were none too happy over the design of Battlefront 2's loot crates, which were proven to be integral to progression in the game and could award those willing to spend real money on them with advanced gear and upgrades. This unpopular system, when combined with the recent rise of loot crates in other triple-A releases, resulted in a storm of criticisms against the title for what many viewed as a capital offense against players.

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Still, there may be hope for Battlefront 2 yet. A recent announcement over EA's official website revealed a number of key changes to how loot crates operate in the upcoming shooter.

"The Beta gave us a welcome chance to test all of our systems in action and tune things up for better balance. A few weeks back, we mentioned we were going to take another look at how the progression system works. After incorporating feedback from the Beta, we're happy to share our plans for launch."

These plans include the removal of Epic Star Cards - the highest tier available in the game - from crates entirely. Now, players will only be able to obtain them via Battlefront 2's crafting mechanic, meaning that buying loot crates no longer grants such a steep advantage over other players. The same holds true for upgraded Star Cards, which are now locked behind ranks and are now only available by playing the game.

The way items unlock has been changed, as well. Excluding a few, the majority of weapons and class-specific items and gear can now be unlocked by playing as the class they were made for. This means that a player seeking to unlock a new rifle for the Heavy only has to play that class, rather than hope against hope for the right drop from crates.

These changes are a welcome surprise in an industry where open betas start only days ahead of the full release, when player feedback and criticisms often go unheard. Until it releases on November 17 however, it's best to keep an open ear out for any future news on Star Wars: Battlefront 2.