Stardew Valley officially approved for Nintendo Switch

A release date for the port is "soon to follow."

Wholesomeness and Nintendo practically go hand-in-hand, so it should come as no surprise that the developers of Stardew Valley - one of the most pleasant gaming experiences around - have been trying for some time to get the title ported over to the Nintendo Switch. Now, it seems, they've finally had some luck; according to a recent Tweet from Chucklefish CEO Finn Brice, Stardew Valley has been officially approved for the console/handheld hybrid.

According to an older Chucklefish forum post from earlier this year, the port has actually been in testing for some time - although the developers maintained an otherwise strict silence on the subject, citing a determination to announce a release date only when they were "at least 95% certain that nothing will go terribly wrong."

The post went on to mention the development of Stardew Valley's multiplayer mode, which Chucklefish expects to release a beta test for by the end of the year via Steam. The final version will later arrive on Windows, Mac, and Linux in early 2018, with the follow-up console release arriving not long later. For more information, check out our earlier article on the subject, which includes details on the expected features, functionality, and more.

Other projects by Chucklefish include the sci-fi-themed space adventure, Starbound, as well as another upcoming, currently unnamed project that the community has begun fondly referring to as, "Spellbound." You can find more details on both those titles and the rest of Chucklefish' projects on the studio's website, where a developer blog regularly releases new updates regarding news for the community.

No release date has been yet revealed for the Switch's version of Stardew Valley, though if Tiy has seen fit to release details over Twitter then a full launch can't be far behind.