After an initial delay that pushed the update back by one day, Team Fortress 2’s (TF2) first major content patch in nearly a year arrived today. The “Jungle Inferno” introduces six entirely new maps, five taunts, numerous cosmetic items, four weapons for the pyro (for which the update is named), one for the heavy, and 36 new campaign contracts for players to complete. There’s also a wealth of gameplay improvements and balance changes that, frankly, we don’t have the space to include here.

If you haven’t seen it already, check out the trailer for the Jungle Inferno below:

The main feature of the update is, of course, Saxton Hale’s  ̶Y̶e̶t̶i̶  Mercenary Park, “a new jungle-themed disease-ridden three-control point map” in which two teams fight to the death for the amusement of the park’s patrons. Also included are a number of community-made maps of various different game modes and settings. They are as follows:

Lazarus: A King-of-the-Hill map set on a volcanic island somewhere in Southeast Asia. Source
Brazil: Another King-of-the-Hill map, this time located next to an abandoned quarry. Source
Mossrock: An Attack/Defend Control Point jungle map inhabited by trains, deathpits, and “mind-controlling radio broadcast stations.” Source
Banana Bay: A Payload Race spanning the circumference of a small island. Source
Enclosure: A Jurassic Park-themed, three-stage Payload race. Source

In addition to the above, the Jungle Inferno has added new weapons for everyone’s favorite incomprehensible pyromaniac, the aptly-named Pyro. These weapons introduce new playstyles for the character and are obtainable via campaign contracts. Contracts are completed in TF2 by achieving any number of skill-based challenges, and while most have to be purchased before attempting them, those behind which the Pyro’s new weapons have been locked are completely free.

As for the weapons themselves, they are:

The Dragon’s Fury – A primary weapon that launches fast-moving, single-shot flaming munitions that light enemies on fire at range. Consecutive hits reduce reload time and deal bonus damage, while the Airblast secondary ability has a -50% repressurization rate.

The Thermal Thruster – A jetpack that allows the Pyro to launch him/herself briefly into the air before crashing back to the ground, dealing 3x falling damage to any hapless targets unlucky enough to be caught underneath you.

The Gas Passer – This impishly named secondary weapon resembles a crushed gas can, and can be used to coat enemies in a flammable gas cloud. Those affected by this weapon can then be ignited should they take damage from anything.

The Hot Hand – A melee weapon that replaces the fire axe, this glove grants the Pyro a speed boost upon striking an enemy player. This ability comes with a cost, however; the Hot Hand does 20% less damage than the Pyro’s traditional melee weapons.

Aside from these weapons, the Jungle Inferno update includes a long list of balance changes to all of TF2’s classes. The Spy, for example, is now far less effective at range when using the Ambassador pistol, while the Scout’s infamous Sandman no longer applies a stun to enemies struck with its ranged attack. For a full summary of all of the changes, as well as a better look at some of TF2’s new maps, check out the patch notes on the game’s official website.

Team Fortress 2’s “Jungle Inferno” arrived today. Here’s everything there is to know
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