Watch Dogs 2 will always be an example of a sequel done right. Arriving on the tail of the series’ rather lackluster first title, Watch Dogs 2 came as a pleasant surprise to many in improving largely on the first game’s faults and expanding on the title’s multiplayer scene.

Although not quite at the level of renown that could compete with industry giant Grand Theft Auto, the developers have shown their dedication to the title with the announcement of their 2017 content road map, which was released earlier this year.

The first of these releases, Update 1.13, just launched a few short hours ago with a wealth of free content. The most notable of which, an online game mode called ‘Showd0wn,’ was initially planned to launch with Watch Dogs 2’s upcoming DLC but was instead released for free by the developers after hearing community feedback on the matter.

Showd0wn pits teams of two players each against one another in a PVP, objective-based game mode that features three different styles of gameplay. Players will either have to steal an HDD, fight over a king-of-the-hill type match called ‘doom-load,’ or erase/protect a series of servers. The game mode will take place in any one of 15 distinct locations across the Watch Dogs 2 setting of San Francisco.

Update 1.13 also comes with a series of new online races that add drone, motocross, and eKart functionality to multiplayer. Seasonal rewards will be available due to the addition of leaderboards to these races, which will allow players to track their performance and compete with others for higher rankings.

Included alongside these multiplayer elements are a free loot truck event that allows players to capture armored vehicles for in-game currency, a new weapon in the form of a non-lethal Paintball Rifle, and 13 entirely new clothing items.

The next batch of content for Watch Dogs 2 will be the No Compromise DLC, which will launch on April 18 for PS4 and May 18 for Xbox One and PC. For future updates about the title or Ubisoft products in general, be sure to check out their website, or follow them on Twitter.

Watch Dogs 2 update brings new game modes, events, and more
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