15 years ago, WWE gave us one of the best Jim Ross calls of all time


As if we needed proof that WWE needed Jim Ross back on television...

On Aug. 20, 2001, WWE gave us one of the best moments in the history of RAW. At the time, Stone Cold Steve Austin was leading "The Alliance", a group of ex-WCW and ECW wrestlers that had "invaded" the company. Stone Cold's main rival at the time was former champion and 1996 Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle, and the two had a match the day before that saw Stone Cold retain the then-WWF title at Summerslam.

In what was supposed to be a celebration of Stone Cold's "triumph" -- he kept the title via disqualification -- we saw Angle interrupt with a milk truck in a homage to Stone Cold's infamous beer truck segment with Vince McMahon.

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While the milk truck antics are hilarious, what really makes this a classic moment is Jim Ross's call of the affair. Ross, who was alone at the announce table at the time, absolutely explodes into one of his best call. The emotion, the one-liners...

"Ya got milk?!?"

"Milk-o-Mania is running wild!"

"The billion-dollar princess has become a dairy queen!"


"Now he's pulling out the heavy stuff! IT'S HOMOGENIZED!"

You get the picture. Thanks to Ross, Angle, and Stone Cold for this classic moment in WWE history.