A wild brawl broke out on a boat when someone threw a beer can, and it was all caught on camera Facebook/Daryl Newhouse

They were all in the same boat.

Angry, rental boaters on the Choptank River in Maryland came to blows over the weekend after being spotted by witnesses “operating so unsafely” and appearing “very drunk.”

A beer can was hurled at one of the dudes involved.

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The recorder and uploader of the video wrote the following about the incident on Facebook:

So I was riding on the Cambridge Fun Regatta safety boat when we tried to hail a boat that was getting dangerously close to our sailboat racers and was interfering with the course. They ignored our hailing and we started to follow them because they were operating so unsafely and appeared very drunk. Madness ensued and of course no DNR or Coast Guards were anywhere in the area. I seriously worried one of them was going overboard. They did over $3000 damage to their rental boat from the Hyatt resort rental concession.

UPDATE: From DNR charges are pending against the guy who was operating and threw the first blow (a beer can thrown at the larger man.)

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According to CBS Baltimore, charges are pending, and the group has paid $3,000 for the damage the fight caused to the boat they rented.

The 21-year-old boat operator who allegedly threw the beer can that sparked the incident could face the charge of negligent boating.

Police were reportedly not on hand to witness a boating under the influence charge.

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