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Pro MMA fighter Ivan “J.P.” Cole died in an apartment Saturday morning, after police officers responded to a call about a shooting that had taken place.

Kymberli Cole, his wife, stated that her husband died because of “gun play.”

“I lost my husband to gun play,” she wrote on a GoFundMe page, one day after the couple celebrated their second year anniversary.

Police are still awaiting autopsy reports before they go beyond calling the death “unexplained.”

Cole’s mother also helped maintain that there’s a mystery surrounding her son’s death.

“Some say it was about money, someone said something about Russian Roulette, but I don’t have any facts now,” said Cole’s mother, whose name is also Kimberly.

Cole, 25, was from Jamaica and had last fought an MMA fight in 2015, when he lost to Romanian fighter George Pacurariu.

[h/t NY Daily News]

A young MMA fighter is dead, and the circumstances are, so far, ‘unexplained’

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