Celebrate Mike Tyson’s 50th birthday with him chomping off Evander Holyfield’s ear

Mike Tyson, now 50, has drastically turned his life around since that infamous night in 1997.

On June 28, the former champ had looked yet again to regain his WBA heavyweight title after dropping the belt to Evander Holyfield less than a year prior.

Holyfield caught the former champ with a head butt, opening a gash over Tyson’s right eye. Tyson responded in the next round by chomping a piece of Holyfield’s ear, resting for a brief stoppage, then biting the other ear for the disqualification loss.

Tyson’s resurgence into the mainstream media started with his appearance in the Hangover, and he’s become a cult hero ever since.

And don’t forget, they made up after all these years.

Prashad is the Senior Content Editor for Cox Media Group's He considers Muhammad Ali, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce some of the all-time greats. Boston is TitleTown, in case you were wondering.
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