Former WWE star Goldberg adds fuel to the fire on return, potential next opponent

Is Goldberg angling for a return?

Goldberg isn't one for mincing words, and the former WWE star has plenty of those for his potential pro wrestling comeback.

While he previously noted that he has the "wheels in motion" for a WWE return, per TMZ, the former world champ sent a pretty clear message on who he could step in the ring against if he does make a return to the ring.

If Goldberg does make a comeback, don't be surprised if it's against Brock Lesnar.

And the latest teaser trailer for WWE 2K17 only backs up that notion:

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Goldberg, the 49 year old former professional football player and pro wrestler, came to WWE years after WCW was bought by Vince McMahon as one of the most dominant wrestlers in history. After just two years in the company, Goldberg exited following a very forgettable Wrestlemania XX matchup.

A return could certainly flip that script.