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Ronda Rousey’s Strict Diet and Intense Workout Routine

Ronda Rousey may have hit a rough patch with her second consecutive loss last month, but one thing that can’t be taken from her is that incredible physique.

She talked to ESPN W about her habits, workout routine, and how in the world she maintains those killer abs.

“I try to keep healthy-ish, but I’m so on point when I’m in camp that having a vegetable wrap would actually only be healthy-ish because of the wrap on it,” Rousey said, adding that she sometimes dips into the good stuff, but with a few not exactly mouth-watering changes. “Like last night, I got the fried calamari and I took all the bread off before dipping it, and that was my treat. And I had one little rip of the cotton candy because I thought maybe gourmet cotton candy would be different. It wasn’t. And I ate all the raspberries off the desserts. Everyone else had dessert. I ate the raspberries…”

Her workout diet, she says, is even less appetizing. In short, she consumes a strict diet of things like oat bran, egg whites, turkey bacon, raw almonds, raw cashews and Chamomile tea every couple of hours. Then that’s all supplemented with a concoction consisting of nearly every fruit and vegetable known to man.

“And instead of vitamins, I have this giant shake twice a day, so it’s all fresh vegetables and fruits,” Rousey continued. “A whole beet, a whole apple, two carrots, four strawberries, one cup of blueberries, two handfuls of red grapes, one whole lemon, one handful of spinach, one handful of kale, one-fourth handful of parsley, two stalks of celery, two tablespoons of hemp seeds, two tablespoons of chia seeds, one tablespoon of coconut oil, one chard leaf, no stem.”


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And Rousey’s workout routine is so intensive, words can’t do it justice. Have a look below:

Staying in shape is clearly a full-time job for Rousey, and she detailed to Shape magazine what she goes through.

Two months before a fight, she has a fierce sparring schedule — three times a week (Monday-Wednesday-Friday)  for two to three hours in the morning, followed by another couple of hours of mit work at night.

Then, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, Rousey does a combination of wrestling, judo, bad work, cardio and more. Saturday’s are particularly brutal as she she pushes herself to the extreme with long, difficult runs.

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On Sunday, she relaxes with ice baths and maybe a massage.

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