WWE and WCW legend Hulk Hogan returning once again to WWE is reportedly a very real possibility according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Although a return to WWE may have seem farfetched even a year ago, with the Gawker trial settled and Hogan starting to slowly come back into to the mainstream it definitely seems plausible in 2017.

In the newsletter, Dave Meltzer doesn’t point out what exactly he would be doing if he were to the company.

WWE featured Hogan in a recent WWE Kids magazine, perhaps as a way to test the waters of a potential Hogan return.

Nothing is imminent at the moment, but it certainly seems like the the wind is blowing in the direct of Hogan returning to WWE in some capacity sooner rather than later.

[h/t Wrestling Inc]

After controversy, a WWE legend is reportedly in talks to return to the company WWE/YouTube

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