It sure sounds like Daniel Bryan might not actually be settled on retiring


Former WWE star Daniel Bryan stepped away from the ring less than year ago, when he retired due to medical issues which included reported concussions and neck issues.

But in a sit-down interview with Ontario's Brockville Recorder & Times (H/T Cageside Seats) discussed the "mental breakdown" he suffered following his retirement. And it sure sounds like he's not resigned to following through with the retirement as planned, as he continues to fight back .

I was cleared by concussions specialists in Phoenix and cleared by concussion specialists at UCLA, like a team of doctors. And I kept trying to go to different places to try to get more and more people to clear me so that all of the evidence would be on my side.

I was completely honest with the WWE about all of it and the idea of, "Hey, if I get a bad test result, I let you know."

When I told them that I was taking this test in New York City, they said, "OK, well let us know the result." Well, the test hasn't been peer reviewed, and I'm not saying it's a bad test, all I'm saying is this is not something that they're using the standard medical facilities.

It showed a little something and then that becomes the automatic no and I'm just like "uhhh."

Then he was asked if he's come to terms with the end of his career, and the story took yet another turn.

It's interesting because I guess the real answer is no, but it's weird.

I don't necessarily agree that there's something wrong with me, right? The whole issue with concussions is so subjective.

Bryan reportedly has another two years on his WWE contract, and would be 37 when it expires. Shawn Michaels was 37 when he returned for his second stint in the WWE.


Could he return to the indies? Maybe New Japan Pro Wrestling? Or maybe WWE finally clears him.

We'll certainly see.