Warning for general grossness when a grown man throws up in the cage.

What’s more embarrassing? Losing a fight, or the WAY you lose a fight?

Meet Jesse Reasoner, who lost by disqualification thanks to his puking.

Sure you want to watch this? OK. Here it is:

Deadspin uncovered the tale of the Sean Needham vs. Reasoner MMA bout by KnockOut Promotions. The super heavyweight bout (both weighed in excess of 270 pounds) in Muskegon, MI. was a contest between amateur fighters.

Reasoner seemed to be getting the best of it — no surprise since this was Needham’s MMA debut — when, all of a sudden, Reasoner puked in the cage.

Needham pointed to the canvas, as if to say, “Hey that’s against the rules,” but more likely, “Dude that’s nasty! What the hell! Did that get on me?”

Reasoner was automatically disqualified, and, most likely, even more embarrassed.

MMA fighter gets disqualified for a disgusting reason FloCombat via Instragram screen shot
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